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Tuesday, 04 August 2020
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The preparation


As we found the car so quickly we were able to try it during our holidays during 2 years, separate as couples, but also with the four of us. And we invented improvements.

We lowered the back seats for a better view  to the outside world and installed a third sleeping place. Practically all this work was done by Kees in Switzerland (as the car was there).

After a lot of thought we decided to install a second spare wheel, at the bonnet.We had made a lightweight awning and back tent by a local tentmaker of synthetic fabric. It consists of 3 parts and can be used separately as well as combined (with zippers). 

Now, after 2 years of preparation, we have read a lot about such a trip in books, guides and on the internet, so we can use other people’s experience. This resulted in a kind of routing and time schedule with was compressed to less than a year.

Early summer 2006 we want to be in Alaska, before the mosquitos arrive over there. For our next summer, at the end of 2006, our target is Patagonia. Will we see my friend and former collegue Aad there, in Ushuaia, at Christmas time?To gain time we will start in the beautiful South East of the USA, in Death Valley. From there, climbing the Rocky Mountains to Canada. From Alaska Kees and Ton, together at that time, plan to travel quickly along the west coast to Mexico.We have decided to manage the transport of the car and ourselves from Central to South America locally in Central America. The same holds for the journey from Buenos Aires back to Europe. 

Preparing for such a trip also means to select a transporting company to ship the car from Europe to the USA. We selected a company using a roll on roll off ship for the transport to the east coast of the USA. This selection was based on possibilities this company offered (Seabridge), e.g. tariff, ports and to leave non-private luggage in the car. The car leaves from Antwerp.

Other items to provide are visa in case you plan to stay longer than 3 months in the USA (including Canada), transport insurance, car insurance and personal travel insurance for periods over the standard period of 2 months non-interrupted trips. It appeared that for an extended trip the private medical insurance of Ton could provide such, and for a period no longer than 6 months the ANWB has a possibility. 

Some 3 months in advance we started to book flights. Also with this the ANWB could help. But of course you can not book flights as long as the transport of the car is not fixed. We have decided to ship the car to Baltimore. Kees and Ton will drive to Las Vegas where Manna and Mary will be met. 

Manna and Ton speak Portugese as they have lived some years in Brazil. Additionally Kees and Ton have studied Spanish language. And Manna and Ton did a course on first aid during travel.

Also at this website is a page at which (to our opinion) useful links are included.

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