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Home again!
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Sunday, 27 September 2020
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Home again!
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Home Again!


The sea voyage of our Land Rover Defender took some 5 weeks, from January 16 when the camper departed from Buenos Aires until February 19 when the car arrived in the port of  Antwerp, with a 4 day delay. Some days before the expected time of arrival Ton and Manna went to Switzerland to Kees and Mary to talk the trip over and to discuss what to do with the Land Rover. Regarding the latter subject we decided to sell the faithful camper complete with all its contents. Faithful indeed, we never had to stop due to a breakdown, not even a flat tire. Of course we had to do the normal maintenance and to replace worn brake pads and tires.


On February 21 we could pick up the car Antwerp in Belgium. The day before Kees accompanied Ton and Manna to olland Holland Holland and the next day Ton went with Kees to the port to get the camper. After fulfilling the formalities, such as paying the dues of Euro 72,  in the office of Grimaldi, the custom’s officer inspected the car and after in total 20 minutes we were driving again! What a difference with the port of Manta in Ecuador when we had to wait 2 days in the custom’s offices!


After Ton had taken his belongings from the car and the original license plates were attached to the Land Rover again, Kees left in a drizzling rain to Switzerland and Ton went to Holland again. At the border between Germany and Switzerland Kees had to get the last stamp in his Carnet de Passage. As the friendly custom’s officers told him they never had seen such a document, it took Kees an hour of convincing before he succeeded to get the stamp. The next day Kees paid a visit to the Safari Centre in Stein am Rhein, where the Land Rover was bought, to discuss the Pan America trip with Chris Elliot, the repair of the fridge, which broke down in Bolivia and the sale of the car.


We also have to spent some time on the selection of our photographs and the composing of an album. After a first selection we have some 8500 pictures left!


We hope that we have given you, our readers, a lot of  pleasant hours with this report. To us this trip is unforgettable. Highlights are the Salar de Uyuni and the Laguna’s in Bolivia, the fantastic beaches of Costa Rica, de tundra’s, the whales and bears of Alaska and the wide pampas of Patagonia. And last but not least the many contacts with the local people and fellow travelers.  In due time Ton as well as Kees plan to compose a presentation of our pictures in order to present interested readers and others our impressions in a more personal manner.